Nursing – Fringe Benefits

Nurses are increasingly in demand. Because of the shortage of qualified nurses, combined with the frequently stressful environment in which they work, health facilities need to offer attractive incentives to recruit and retain talented nursing staff. There are a number of resources for finding information on benefits offered to nurses.

Conduct Online Research

1. Look at career information sites like and for information on benefits typically offered nurses in different settings.

2. Peruse ads for nurses on nursing jobsites such as,, and Most ads include information on benefits offered, which can include:

– comprehensive health, dental and disability insurance

– free life insurance

– daycare (pre-tax) deduction

– family-friendly and flexible work schedules

– liability insurance

– work incentive bonuses based on the number of hours worked

– free housing and relocation for travel nursing jobs

– reimbursement for continuing education courses

– domestic partner benefits

Conduct Informational Interviewing

1. Make a list of a variety of occupationsin the nursing field.Benefits vary depending on the type of job and facility, so it would be helpful to talk with nurses in different settings and occupations. Some clinical facilities are physicians’offices, hospitals, outpatient treatment facilities, and home health care agencies. Besides clinical settings, nurses with a bachelor’s or master’s degree can also work in insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, universities, community education programs, or managed care organizations. Some non-clinical jobs for nurses include:

– health planning and development

– marketing

– consulting

– teaching and supervision

– community health education

– research

– policy development

– quality assurance

2. Do informational interviews with nurses in various specialties and types of facilities.

3. Talk with hiring managers in a variety of settings.

4. Meet with staffing agencies to get information on benefits offered.

5. Talk with nursing instructors at several colleges in your area – some might have information that others don’t.


• Look at a wide variety of facilities to get a good idea of typical benefits for nurses.

• Be aware that benefits do vary from one facility to another.

• Keep in mind that the most potentially stressful positions that tend to have the highest burnout/turnover rates will likely have the most extensive benefits in an effort to retain qualified staff.